In this workshop, participants will learn creative healing tools by exploring the creation of personal “community affirmation” cards. These cards are designed especially for those who identify with different “aspects of the self” and promote supportive internal communication during the recovery process. Useful for containment, self-care and internal/parts dialogue, they are helpful tools in assisting with the intensity of emotions that can be present during the recovery journey. Cards may contain internal words of wisdom, meaningful symbols, truth statements, hopeful encouragement, supportive direction, remembrances, and ideas that promote a collaborative, forward moving and healing system. They can be read during therapy, used as journal prompts, offer nurture and comfort during the processing of the trauma narrative, and used in a variety of self-care practices.

This is a 3HR session offered on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10:00-1:00 pm at my offices at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver WA. To arrange a session, please contact for date availability before purchasing session.