Empowering others to understand their stories, find their voices, and embrace a life of authenticity, acceptance and tender soul care

Empowering others to understand their stories, find their voices, and embrace a life of authenticity, acceptance and tender soul care

Embark on the restorative creativity journey with the Soul Renewal Collection

An inspirational, healing arts resource curated by Lani Kent. Discover the power of therapeutic art. This free digital download can be used for reflection, inspiration, to explore art journaling, healing arts collage, and other meaningful processes. This unique collection of Lani’s original collage and hopeful meditations offers a gateway to unlock self-discovery and newfound inspiration. Receive this healing gift and begin your journey today.

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Through my own journey of recovery from complex childhood trauma, I have emerged stronger, more resilient, and with a deep compassion for those recovering from difficult life experiences. Today, I am honored to use my lived experience, training, and expertise as a Story-Informed Therapeutic Mentor, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, and Mental Health Advocate to support others on their own paths to healing. I am deeply grateful that you are here, and I look forward to walking alongside you on your own transformative journey and offering support to the healers and helpers who guide others through their stories.

Partner with Lani Kent, a Trained Therapeutic Mentor and Healing Arts Facilitator. Gain insight, guidance, and inspiration to better support your clients through consultation and adjunct healing services.

Seeking help on your healing journey? Lani Kent, a compassionate Trauma Recovery Mentor, and Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, offers her lived experience, guidance, mentoring, creative arts processes, and inspiration to empower you on your path to recovery.

Join Lani Kent, a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Trauma Recovery Mentor, and Mixed Media Artist. Experience transformative “Restorative Creativity” workshops, “Creative Connection” events, and retreats. Find inspiration, healing, and authentic connection on your creative healing journey.

Visit Lani Kent at the Healing Expression’s Etsy shop! Find meaningful, therapeutic artwork, cards, journals, jewelry, gifts, and supportive resources for survivors, supporters, and helpers on the healing journey.

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Walk into the deeper places of the heart with Lani Kent, Therapeutic Mentor, Trauma Recovery Consultant, Artist, and Writer. Discover insights from her own journey, the therapeutic process, lived experiences, creative inspiration, and life reflections through writing, art, and imagery.

Bittersweet Choices: When Endings Become New Beginnings

By |February 1, 2024|

For many survivors of childhood trauma, personal agency, healthy boundaries and the freedom of choice did not feel like options that were available. In dysfunctional systems, many were in survival mode and developed a high [...]

The Beautifully Healing Mess of Vulnerability

By |September 4, 2023|

The work of healing the heart is most often a beautiful mess. Over two decades ago, early in my own recovery from life’s wounds, I thought I could escape the mess from pressing through to [...]

Restorative Creativity: Art and the Healing Journey

By |September 2, 2023|

For many who enter the doors of a therapist office, finding words to accurately honor painful and abusive experiences is an ongoing challenge. For those with PTSD, Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders, gaining access [...]

Something you notice right away is Lani’s compassion and heart for people. Experienced in creating a trauma, informed therapeutic art process and uniquely skilled to enter into that space, she creates a calming safe environment while the client does their own work. Lani’s approach is a different way to help clients unlock and express emotion, learn more about themselves, and even experience healing. For your own therapeutic creative process, or as a resource to refer your clients, I cannot recommend Lani Kent/Healing Expressions enough!

It is with remarkable gentleness and understanding born out of an authentic journey that Lani offers herself to guide others into a creative expression of their souls. Her distinctive use of the Therapeutic Collage and her “Restorative Creativity’ processes are a powerful means of transformation and healing.

The Restorative Creativity Workshop with Lani was an amazing experience for me. It helped me learn a new way to process my emotions and begin healing. I felt hope after hearing Lani’s story and her heart. I would recommend it to anyone that is searching for a healthier life, a more clear soul. It was very healing to be with someone that has taken the time to search and heal. I am thankful I had this opportunity.

Jackie, Restorative Creativity Client

Lani is a knowledgeable guide for therapists looking to gain insight into treating high-acuity mental health trauma. She has the insight, awareness, and language that helps trauma therapists conceptualize their own client’s mental health needs and how to be adept helpers in the field.

Kimberly Dudley, Kimberly Dudley, NCC, LMHC, LPC, Doctoral Student