Powerful therapeutic journaling tool that can be shared interactively/collaboratively with a therapist, lay counselor, or trusted support in your recovery process. This multi-faceted journal invites all of who you are and maps your story-work journey through visual imagery, collage, written expressions and keepsakes. Explore your inner life, past influences, all aspects of identity and growth in the therapeutic journey.  This session is especially helpful for those who identify with different “parts” of the self by exploring internal communication, roles, fostering understanding and integration of your identity. The journal is a place for “all parts to be heard”.  Lani shares art journal sheets, techniques, processes and exercises for this unique journal.

This is a 3HR session offered on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10:00-1:00 pm at my offices at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver WA. Please contact in advance for date availability.

* Participation in the “Creative Soul Renewal : Therapeutic Collage Healing Art Session” is recommended prior to this session as the collage process is a powerful addition and compliment to the Mosaic Soul Art Journaling.