Susan Brock

Life Coach

“From the moment you step into the room surrounded by Lani’s work, you know you have entered sacred ground.  Lani and her artistic expressions lead you to embrace and honor your own heart’s story with courage and care. For my healing group (recovering from sexual abuse), the experience opened our hearts a little wider, to feel more deeply and to see our stories in new form with more kindness and truth.  Lani brings as a healing sojourner so much care and deep compassion”

Dr. Marlene Steinberg, M.D.

Author, Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation, The Hidden Epidemic.

“I am grateful that Lani shares her story and talents in the form of her beautiful journals and creative works. I also recommend her “Restorative Creativity” Therapeutic Collage and art journaling workshops to anyone interested in enhancing their recovery through creative arts.   I have recommended her journals and art cards for use in therapeutic exercises with clients. The uniquely exquisite and sensitive nature depicted in her works, have resonated strongly with survivors.  As a psychiatrist, I can attest to the therapeutic value of her “Healing Expressions”, including the affirmations, which have direct relevance to people pursuing their own healing journey.” 

Sarah, Restorative Creativity Client

“Healing Expression’s “Creative Soul Renewal” workshop was an incredibly profound and stirring experience. I found myself in a safe and nurturing place where I could risk vulnerability and express the deep places of my heart that had held onto pain for so long and could, at last, exhale, be seen, heard and loved. I left relieved, with a sense of hope and with tools to continue processing and releasing. I have continued to use these techniques on my own with much success.”

 Jackie, Restorative Creativity Client

“The Restorative Creativity Workshop with Lani was an amazing experience for me. It helped me learn a new way to process my emotions and to begin healing. I felt hope after hearing Lani’s story and her heart. I would recommend it for anyone that is searching for a healthier life, a more clear soul. It was very healing to be with someone that has taken the time to search and heal. I am thankful I had this opportunity.” 

Bianca, Creative Soul Renewal Client

“The first session with Lani blew me away. I walked in with no expectations and walked out with a different perspective of myself and understanding the journey to heal. The process that Lani took me through has changed the way I deal with things. It made so much sense and I continue to use “Restorative Creativity” through my everyday life and have healed many wounds and relationships.”

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