It has been my joy and honor to create with those who are on the healing journey in mind. Offering words of hope, support and encouragement amidst layered imagery, mixed media and collage are a deeply meaningful expression of my own story and those I guide in the recovery process. Whether creations are a token to support your own journey or you are looking for a therapeutic gift for a friend or loved one, my hope is the art will inspire, uplift and bring healing.


Please join me for a visit to my Etsy Shop where unique creations and new work are listed often!

“A pleasure to look thru the shop. It’s an even greater pleasure to have an original arrive at my home. I almost always find something that resonates with me, sometimes an answer I didn’t know I needed. Thank you for doing what you do. I’ll be back for more.”

– Susanna

“Another wonderful, meaningful, beautiful purchase from Artist Lani Kent!! These art blocks are empowering for the soul. I love, love, love her work! I have been purchasing from Healing Expressions for years and love this amazing artist! Everything just touches your soul!

– Mia

“Lani is a wonderful therapeutic artist! In her work through Healing Expressions, her artwork is poignant, but gentle and expresses her knowledge of individuals in pain extremely well. She creates a connectedness between her art that can often transcend human relationships. She also goes the “extra mile” by presenting her work with a personal note and in packaging that conveys her caring sensitivity. I highly recommend her work.”

– Mayetta Cahill, Artist

“Every purchase from Lani is beautiful, amazing, so touching and such quality! My art was wrapped so stunning I can’t even describe! I love it! Highly recommend!!”

– Missy

“Beautiful art with amazing messages! Comforting, inspiring and making a difference. I appreciate Lani and her work!”

– Sharon

“Breathtaking art! Unbelievably touching and comforting cards! Will purchase again! “

– Diane

“This is absolutely beautiful and healing art. Thank you” 

– Katrina