Lani vulnerably shares her recovery story revealed through the use of this powerful therapeutic collage process. This healing tool uses images to give voice to our wounded places, reveals personal truths, memories, unspoken stories, hopes, dreams, and spiritual insight. You will experience reflective time to collect and collage your own personally meaningful images and to therapeutically process this material.  The sacred revelations in this session are unique to each client. Many clients return for this session and continue the process of self-discovery, emotional healing, and insight when new issues or life seasons arrive. The time has often been described by attendees as a deep gift of self-care.

This is a 3HR session offered on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10:00-1:00 pm at my offices at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver WA.

* Due to the emotionally potent experience of working with images in this session, if you are a survivor of abuse and currently under the care of a therapist, please consult with your therapist to determine if the timing is right for you to participate. For trauma survivors, it is advised you are in a safe place with support to further process what this session may evoke.